Sarah Forge (nee Drane – sadly, no longer ‘the only Drane in Spain’) is a freelance journalist living on the paradisiacal Balearic island of Mallorca.  A self-proclaimed perfectionist, she is an ardent researcher, a fastidious fact-checker, and a reliable meeter of deadlines.

Sarah has a keen specialism in nautical journalism, resulting in a long-standing Nauti Lady column for the local English-language newspaper, Majorca Daily Bulletin, and an even-longer-standing monthly feature for the leading yachting magazine in the Western Mediterranean, The Islander

Likely influenced by her move to Spain in 2002, Sarah also frequently writes on matters of travel and real estate, but has turned her pen to everything from CrossFit to cosmetic surgery.    Sarah has had her own work published in national newspapers, international property magazines, in-flights, and the Channel 4 website.  In the past, she has made guest appearances on BBC’s Living in the Sun, BBC Radio, Times Radio and Channel 4’s Richard & Judy.